The Best Destinations In Provo


UPDATE: For the time being, the Provo Passport has been discontinued until further notice. But keep exploring the amazing things to do in Provo!

The Best Destinations In Provo

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The Best Things to Do in Provo at the Best Price

There are plenty of exciting things to do in Provo, Utah but it won't take long to empty your wallet if you pay to experience all the great Provo entertainment options one by one.

Instead, pay $59.95 for The Provo Passport and get access to the all the best entertainment experiences Provo has to offer! One price for all the top destinations.

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The Provo Passport has been discontinued, and is no longer available for purchase this year.

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The 2020 Destinations

Here they are! The exciting Provo destinations featured in this year's Provo Passport!

Each destination has an awesome Destination Deal available for every Passport holder this year. Instead of sitting around Provo wondering, "What should we do this weekend?", all you need to is pull out your Passport and go experience the best things to do in Provo!

With the purchase of your Provo Passport, each featured entertainment experience is included in the price. Once you've paid for The Provo Passport, you won't need to pay anything else in order to redeem the available Destination Deals.

The Provo Passport will save you some serious cash on the places you already were planning to visit. Instead of paying the full price at each one, pay the much lower price for the Passport and get to experiencing your town!

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How to Use The Provo Passport

First, Purchase the Passport of Course 🙂

1) Find the Destination page for the Provo experience you want to enjoy. There may be special instructions, criteria, or date restrictions for the deal you want to redeem. If there are instructions, make sure to follow them!

2) When you arrive at the Destination for your activity, present your Provo Passport to the person checking you in so you can redeem the Destination Deal for that experience.

3) The employee at the Destination will stamp your Passport on the Destination page and grant you your experience free. Enjoy the unique fun.

4) Once the Destination Deal has been stamped and redeemed, that particular deal will become unavailable for additional use for the rest of the year. But stay tuned for next year's Provo Passport for more great experiences and savings!