Legacy: Fables


About Legacy: Fables

Legacy: Fables is an immersive, choose-your-story experience that takes story-telling to the next level!

This is an adventure studio where you make decisions with real consequences and live out a mission that is unique to you and your group. Instead of reading a book or watching a film, it's time to enter the story. Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were the one in the epic quests you see on the big screen? All you need is a trip to downtown Provo to find out. And with the Provo Passport, your first quest is covered!

As the only adventure studio in Provo, this is one of the most unique destinations on the Provo Passport! Legacy: Fables is one Provo date idea, group activity, or night out with friends that you do not want to miss out on. Book an adventure today!

What will your legacy be?

The Legacy: Fables Destination Deal


Legacy: Fables is one of those unique Provo experiences that you just have to do to fully understand. Adventure is waiting. Take your place in this story and be the hero you are meant to be!


Instead of watching a story unfold, like you would in a movie, at Legacy: Fables YOU ARE the story. You become the hero!

This entertainment destination is an organic narrative, a story that you choose. The successes or failures are yours to own. This means you will leave this adventure with memories of a real journey. Get ready to experience worlds you never could anywhere else.


To help create the world in which your story unfolds, Legacy: Fables goes to great lengths to build an immersive environment. Get ready to step into a new place that you can see, touch, and change.


The Watchers are the our story narrators who help you take your story to amazing places. They help create the new world you will have to manage. Are you starting to see it? You will soon!


The Emissaries are you. Your choices determine what happen. Who knows where you will go? Every legacy is unique. Grab your Provo Passport and get going!

Using The Provo Passport at Legacy: Fables

Booking an adventure at Legacy: Fables can be done online while selecting "pay in person". Make sure to bring your Provo Passport when you arrive to join the initiative.

Your fable experience will last one hour. It's sure to be one of the most unique and immersive hours you'll ever spend in Provo!

For more information on this fun Provo destination and to book a session, visit